3 Day Gut Reset

Dive into this simple yet satisfying meal plan that will show you what it feels like to be nourished from the inside out.

Carefully curated to bring a combination of foods and smoothies that help soothe the digestive system and improve motility, this plan will show you what it feels like to use food as a tool to improve energy, skin and hair health, and digestion.

What's on the menu?


Ginger Lemon Juice

Kiwi Green Smoothie

Mango Chicken Salad

Adrenal Cocktail

Yogurt with Pear

Hard-Boiled Eggs

Steak & Blue Cheese Salad

Cauliflower, Kale & Lentil Detox Soup

Lemon Ginger Tea


3 Day Reset


  • Whole foods
  • Full recipes
  • Nutritional information provided
  • Can be done monthly as a part of a healthy lifestyle for optimal digestion and gut health