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A functional health program helping you uncover the underlying factors driving your symptoms and getting in the way of your progress through functional lab testing, personalized practitioner-led support and protocols, and community - so that you never feel alone or unheard in your health journey again



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Thyroid Issues

Hormone Imbalances

Digestive Dysfunction

Preconception & Fertility

Skin Conditions

Metabolic Health


Hey, I'm Jenn

I am a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, Certified Hormone Specialist, and founder of fit + functional - and I created this program for women just like you.

When I was 14, I was put on hormonal birth control for painful and heavy periods - and when I quit cold turkey at 21, it felt like I'd been hit in the face by every symptom you could think of, and no real direction on where to go from here.

Throughout my 20's, I was diagnosed with ovarian cysts, high-grade cervical dysplasia, fatty liver disease, severe IBS, Hashimotos and hypothyroidism, and dealt with chronic symptoms like hair loss, constipation, bloating and stomach pains, acne, mood swings, and fatigue. My doctors had no solutions for me and I felt overwhelmed, confused, and honestly - scared for my future.

I spent years of my time and thousands of dollars trying to figure it out on my own, eventually turning my own victory story into my passion and career.

This is truly the program I wish I had when I was 14, 21, and all of those years after and in between - and I hope it's the last program you ever have to take.

4 Reasons Most Women Feel Stuck 


You've been doing surface-level things for deep-rooted imbalances.

The truth is that calorie-counting, ab workouts, and taking random supplements won't solve poor gut health, a sluggish liver, or poor hormone metabolism. To get long-lasting, real results, you have to dig deeper. Functional lab testing gives you a direct, no-BS look into what's going on with your gut, liver, hormones, minerals, thyroid, and adrenals. No guesswork here, and no "normal" labs.


You are symptom chasing instead of focusing on root cause

Symptoms are not the issue, they are the result of the issue. Period problems? Infertility? Chronic fatigue? Bloating and constipation? Hair loss? Acne? Throwing bandaid solutions like birth control, laxatives, energy drinks, or poor quality supplements on top will never solve the issue at hand and you'll find yourself in a constant cycle of symptom chasing. Suppressing symptoms might quiet the noise now, but your health will scream later. 


You're following generic advice and hoping for the best.

What works for her might not work for you, so following the workout programs, diet regimens, and supplement protocols of other people can do a lot more harm than good. Without direction and a personalized pathway, you'll continue to spin your wheels, burning money and wasting time along the way.



Your body doesn't feel safe.

A body and mind under constant stress will hold onto fat, inflammation, and toxins as a way of protection. If you've been chronically dieting, not managing your environment, or are dealing with gut pathogens and mineral depletion, your body is not going to co-operate. In order to achieve long-lasting, sustainable health, we must teach your body how to feel safe again.


"You quite literally are changing my life and that of my family's as I make better choices for myself and my body through education and self advocacy... THANK YOU just isn't enough."

Yadira, fit + functional client



A 6-month program designed to bring you root cause rebalancing, community, support, empowerment and results through functional lab testing, nutrition support, fitness, education, and a lifestyle up-level.

Functional Lab Testing

We dive deep into intracellular mineral and heavy metal levels with the Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis and gut healing, digestion, and pathogens with the GI Stool Map - all done from home. No need for a doctor's note or travelling to a lab. You will receive a custom supplement & lifestyle protocol based on symptoms, history, and results.

Nutrition Support & Fitness Programming

A custom fitness program is delivered through our fit + functional app, focusing on strength training and overall wellness, alongside nutrition support, delicious & easy-to-create recipes, and meal plan guidance (no calorie counting required)

Support & Community

You will be assigned a Practitioner who takes you through your labs, protocols, check ins, and day-to-day questions. When you have wins to celebrate or want to crowdsource recommendations, our group chat is there for you to connect with women worldwide on the same journey.


With 10+ hours of modules on hormones, women's health, and mindset, plus live workshops with Jenn, there's no shortage of learning involved. We don't want to just tell you what to do - we want you to learn what to do  so it becomes apart of who you are and how you live.

Mindset Calls

Join our group monthly Mindset & Manifestation workshops with Asia Wishart to break through your limiting beliefs and & learn how to take ownership of your journey and destination.

Monthly Breathwork

Once per month we meet together virtually and practice a 30 minute hypnobreathwork session with Daisy Mack. Experience transformational shifts in mind and body through this practice.

Roundtable Chats

Once per month, Jenn and Nicole hold a "roundtable chat" via Zoom, where we as a group can have laid-back chats about all things health, wellness, and life in general. These conversations are client-directed to inspire connection.


Match with a Practitioner

Fill out your intake form to be matched with a Practitioner that is best-suited to your goals, symptoms, and history who will be supporting you through your journey.

Send in your Labs

Your lab kits are sent directly to you house and after collecting your samples, you will send them back to the lab afterwards. We receive the results within a few weeks and will build your roadmap based on the data we find together.

Complete Onboarding

Once your intake begins, you will be onboarded onto our fit + functional app where you will have unlimited access to your Practitioner for support throughout the program.

Begin your Protocols

Your Practitioner will create a series of protocols and roadmaps based on your goals, health history, and lab results to support you through your new journey without the overwhelm and confusion.

Our Baseline Labs

Each client begins their journey with two functional labs: the GI Map and the HTMA. This gives us deep insight into your gut health, mineral and heavy metal levels, metabolic function, and overall health.

The GI Map test uses PCR technology through a stool sample to detect the presence of parasites, pathogens, H. pylori, yeast and fungal overgrowth, the gut microbiome balance, digestive function, inflammation, and immune health. Poor gut health is at the root of many common symptoms like thyroid dysfunction, hormone imbalances, skin issues, autoimmunity, hair loss, and digestive issues.

The Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis gives us deep insight into the body's mineral and heavy metal status, which will heavily influence our thyroid, adrenals, and metabolic function. By working with minerals at an intracellular level, we are able to bring the body back into balance so that detoxification, hormone production, energy and libido, mental health, and physical health are optimized.


Meet the Team

Nicole Ritter

FDN-P, Holistic Nutritionist, Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner

Taylor Pleša

Holistic Nutritionist, certified personal trainer

Erin Souza


Chloe Ward


Lacy Akers


Kathrine Jenkins


Chelsea Lyons


Ashley Talerico

fit + functional client success manager and the warm smile behind our emails :)


"I've obviously seen great improvements in my body, but what I'm most excited about is the change I've seen in my mentality. I feel so much happier and positive, and I'm able to do so much more with my time... I was hesitant when I signed up for f+f because of money but honestly you can't put a price on health and happiness, it is worth way more than you charge."


"In love with how I'm feeling & can't thank you enough!!! I don't own a scale so I have no idea about numbers but those don't matter to me anyway. I feel better than I have in a long time (possibly ever?). I'm at peace physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Trusting the process and myself. I got this! Thank you again for everything."

Next Intake Starts June 5

Ready to achieve your goals?


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Pay in Full


SAVE $350

  • Access to functional lab testing
  • Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis test included in tuition
  • Custom protocols & workout plans
  • Unlimited 1:1 text support with your Practitioner
  • Community chat with 100+ women worldwide on the same journey
  • Bi-weekly workshops with Jenn, Monthly Breathwork and Mindset workshops, and Roundtable Chats with Jenn & Nicole
  • Option to add on private sessions with your Practitioner

6 monthly payments of



  • Access to functional lab testing
  • Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis test included in tuition
  • Custom protocols & workout plans
  • Unlimited 1:1 text support with your Practitioner
  • Community chat with 100+ women worldwide on the same journey
  • Bi-weekly workshops with Jenn, Monthly Breathwork and Mindset workshops, and Roundtable Chats with Jenn & Nicole
  • Option to add on private sessions with your Practitioner


Looking for support for men?


Frequently Asked Questions

A Multiple Sclerosis Success Story

I just wanted to give kudos to the fit + functional team, and in particular, Jenn Cino and Nicole Ritter.

In my youth, I trained as a registered nurse and because of that, had highly respected the medical and pharmaceutical industries. 

I have been suffering from Multiple Sclerosis for well over 30 years, with my treatment being overseen by a neurologist and treated with multiple medications. 

Some of my symptoms included severe fatigue, necessitating frequent naps, even though it didn’t really resolve the issue; pins and needles in hands, feet and face, treated with medication; dizziness and frequent loss of balance, resulting in falls and use of a cane;  bladder issues, treated with medication; constipation, for which nothing helped; and cognitive issues such as word finding difficulty, lack of concentration, inability to multitask, etc which caused me to have to go off work at 35 years of age.

Fast forward to the last few years, I started to realize conventional medicine was not doing it for me. 

Jenn ran the GI Map and HTMA on me to start, which indicated several issues such as calcium shell, H. Pylori, gut dysbiosis, gluten sensitivity, and an immune system on high alert.

She started me on supplements for my gut and mineral balancing, which helped tremendously. I still had most of my symptoms, but to a much lesser degree.

I also was able to start exercising (strength training based on Jenn’s exercise regime) and barely needed to use my cane.

Most recently, I was diagnosed with mold illness through further testing after working on my gut and metabolism.  Based on my results, Nicole developed a mold protocol for me to follow.

Since starting this, I have noticed that most of my symptoms are only a minor irritant or are gone completely. I no longer have constipation, which is an amazing feat for me, I rarely take naps, no longer use my cane, and can exercise and walk without falling over due to lack of balance. I also have drastically reduced my use of pharmaceuticals.  I could go on and on, but since this is already a short novel, I will end this by saying that I am so thankful to Jenn and Nicole for their help in achieving these results at the age of 59. Wish I could have done this years ago! 

This is for you if:

  • You are tenacious and unwilling to settle for anything less than thriving in your body, your health, and your standards
  • You understand that this kind of work takes patience, grace, and unmatchable commitment
  • You are done with quick fixes and bandaid solutions and want to know how to create sustainable, longterm health for you and your family

This is not for you if:

  • You expect all your goals to be reached in 4 or 6 weeks
  • You are unwilling to form a deep commitment to yourself and instead want to rely on motivation
  • You don't take self-responsibility for your attitude, outcomes, and experience


"I'm so glad I chose to step on a leap of faith and join fit + functional 6 months ago. I had so many symptoms such as severe PMDD, endometriosis, eczema, brain fog, low energy, gut dysbiosis (the list could really go on) and I'm only 23. Jenn has helped me holistically rebalance my gut/hormones, eliminating most, if not all my symptoms. It was definitely a lot of work to heal myself, but I don't regret it one bit. This is the best I've felt in such a long time and I will forever be grateful for Jenn helping me along this journey."

Real talk,

It's your time to shine.

If you're ready to never hear the phrase "your labs are normal" again, we're ready to welcome you into our world.


Here's what's waiting for you on the other side:

  • A clear path to overcoming your symptoms and building a solid foundation of health and wellness in your body
  • A mindset shift that will allow you to perceive yourself, your body, and the world in a new, empowering way
  • A community of women who don't think you're weird for skipping the vodka or wearing a castor oil pack and instead will celebrate you for doing what most people are unwilling to do